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Health Infrastructure & Institutions

Austria has built a worldwide reputation for constructing bespoke health facilities, and hygiene, transport and communication systems for the health and medical industry.This sector also includes service providers and consultants who provide know-how and services to the operators of health care operations. Health Infrastructure & Institutions from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Facts and figures - Health Infrastructure & Institutions

  • 264 


  • 1,370


  • 39,791

    million euros in health expenditure

  • 10.3%

    health expenditure share of GDP

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Austrian Companies

  • Pocketcoach GmbH

    Pocketcoach helps people with anxiety by providing a digital treatment based on cognitive behavioural therapy. Step by step users learn how to cope and change their behaviour over the long run. Pocketcoach uses only proven methods that have ...

  • Active Wearables GmbH

    With Pocket Sky, Active Wearables GmbH brings the world's smallest and therefore most effective light therapy wearable into the market. Due to its mobility, it opens up completely new possibilities to relieve sufferings like winter depression, ...

  • ZETA GmbH

    The ZETA Group is specialized in planning, design, development, manufacturing, automation, digitization and maintenance of customized aseptic process solutions. Biopharmaceutical active ingredients such as anticancer drugs, insulin, vaccines and ...

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