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Austria exports food and soft drinks to 180 countries. One in six jobs is dependent on the sector. Specialised products include cheeses, jams, cured meat products, chocolate confectionery, fruit juices and ice teas. Little known, the world’s largest energy drinks producer is Austrian! Food and Soft Drinks from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Facts and figures - Food / Soft Drinks

  • 8.3

    billion euros in annual production

  • 26,000


  • 1.23

    billion euros in exported dairy products

  • 754


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austrian companies

  • Gunz Warenhandels GmbH

    Gunz is a family-run firm, founded in 1986. Over the last 33 years it has succeeded in creating an attractive range of European foodstuffs. It now supplies more than 9,400 customers in 100 countries worldwide. The production of ...

  • Eat the Ball Holding GmbH

    Eat the Ball® is an internationally protected name and brand mark. The design – bread in the shape of balls – is also protected by worldwide copyright. Eat the Ball® is fermented and frozen with care in the innovative *pro.ferment.iced® ...

  • Insort GmbH

    Insort GmbH is a young, dynamic company, founded in 2011. The technology which it has developed, based on near-infrared spectroscopy, enables differences in the chemical composition of food stuffs to be detected with industry-appropriate ...

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