REAL CORP 2012: 05.14.-16., 2012, Schwechat, Austria

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REAL CORP - 17th International Conference on Urban Planning
and Regional Development in the Information Society
GeoMultimedia 2012. The conference will be held 05.14.-16., 2012, in Schwechat (near Vienna), Austria.
Cities worldwide are facing rapid social, economic, environmental, technological, and cultural changes, such as: rapid urbanization, aging of society, security issues, housing emergency, new solutions on mobility, integration of immigrants, food and water shortage, etc.

Especially in times of economic crisis and demographic changes in cities, it is necessary to think about how to best handle what we have, and therefore “RE-MIXING THE CITY” is a challenge to manage and re-combine the elements which make our modern cities, in order to better respond to change. REAL CORP 2012 in Schwechat will offer the possibility to collectively discuss a wide range of topics in different panel groups and workshops.

Topics of REAL CORP 2012 include:

Can “mixed cities” be more sustainable and resilient?
Living, working, learning, relaxing, enjoying, shopping, ... – anything anywhere & anytime?
Is it the purpose of spatial planning to “sort land uses in space”?
Do the urban patterns and structure of our cities still meet the needs of the people in their everyday life?
How do urban, transport, and environmental technologies and solutions shape our cities?
New faces, new approaches, new ideas – does and can migration re-mix the city?
Time-space patterns of the 24/7 city
Urban, transport & environnemental technologies and solutions
Urban Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)/intelligent urban environments
Resilience, safety & security

The event website provides further information on topics, as well as contact information, and registration forms. Contributions, abstracts, papers and registrations are due by 12.23., 2011 (www.corp.at).