New Formats for Mobile Phones from BLACKBETTY

Standard Content Module
Comics and Books for Mobile Phones
The Austrian company BLACKBETTY focuses on the development of mobile contents and and on the design of hotspots and terminals. As a creator and developer BLACKBETTY aims for a high quality conversion of various contents into the mobile format.

Blackbetty designs Terminals, Visual Bluetooth Hotspots and Design Touchscreen Terminals
for the transfer and download of contents via Bluetooth or WLAN directly onto mobile phones. The Touchscreen Terminal can be centrally administered and updated via GPRS or LAN.

Furthermore Blackbetty specializes in the following fields:

Mobilecomics & mobilemanga: The production of comics and mangas as independent mobile formats for various mobile gadgets is made possible by special software solutions developed by BLACKBETTY, with which comics can be completely converted into the mobile format.

Mobilebook: Blackbetty Mobilebooks are characterized by their optimal conversion method, aesthetic design and intuitive application.

Mobilemagazines: The MobileMagazine is a magazine in mobile format. As selected parts can be converted into mobile format, it is also a supplement to the basic product.

Mobilebrochures: Blackbetty converts customized contents and company trademarks into the mobile format. Content, design and function can easily be personalized. MobileBrochures can also be used as innovative marketing tools for businesses.

Mobileflyer: The MobileFlyer is the "simplest" Mobilebook format. Similar to the classic flyer it is especially suitable for advertising events and locales. Text and images, timetables, soundclips or train schedules are integrated to make a single data packet; interactivity can also be integrated. MobileFlyer setup, navigation and use are both simple and unique.

Mobileguides: The mobile variant of the well known travel guide. Digitalization and mobility of the medium is a great advantage of this text form – telephone, mobile web, use of GPS and updates are directly accessible.
MobileGuides also advertise hotels, restaurants and events.

Mobilelearning: Mobile Learning means learning and studying with your personal mobile phone.

For information, please contact: Mr. Jörg Hotter j.hotter@blackbetty.at
Or visit their website: www.blackbetty.at