ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA: a strong partner at ViennaUP'21 digital, 27 April to 12 May 2021, online

Vienna UP'21 digital is THE festival for start-ups, scale-ups, corporate delegates and investors from all over the world, and participants are looking forward to an excitingly varied program of events.


The festival presents international start-ups with an ideal opportunity for networking and swapping notes with the international community. Global investors, major firms and the next generation of talent will also be in attendance.

There is a wide variety of events on the Vienna UP'21program: the Connect Day(s) 2021 from 3 to 12 May are an opportunity for major firms and start-ups to team up as partners and work together in tackling innovative future projects. Start-ups (in the pre-seed and seed stage) will have a chance to introduce themselves to investors and present their work, while international co-investors will also be able to meet Austrian investors (Co-Investment Pitch).

The B2B SoftWareDays21: #future of digital business event from 10 to 12 May will see more than 2,000 participants networking on the topics of 5G, cybersecurity, AI and ethics, data visualisation, finding developers, software patenting, UX and SaaS export. There will be a wide range of formats on offer as well, including workshops, B2B meetings, pitches and co-creation labs.

Additional highlights will include, for example. the global limitless conference for (future) female leaders on 05 May 2021. What is needed for women to have their turn? Future female leaders and current international decision-makers will be joining forces in an attempt to answer this question.

The Start-up World Cup Austria is also set to take place as part of ViennaUP'21, and the decision on who will be representing Austria in the final in San Francisco will be made on 5 May.

Further information and additional program items are available from the ViennaUP'21 event website.