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IndustryContact Person
Renewable EnergiesTony Emsenhuber, Sabine Schubert-Lee
Transport & Logistics (incl. Aerospace)Marcia Popaja
Electric & Electronic ProductsMarcia Popaja
SecuritySabine Schubert-Lee
Software & TelecommunicationsLaura Miller
R&D and New Technologies (Telecommunication, Photonics, Semiconductors, Energy Conversion, Software Development, Telecommunication)Tony Emsenhuber
AgricultureSabine Schubert-Lee
Sporting GoodsMarcia Popaja
Wood (except cut wood)Sabine Schubert-Lee

Geographic coverage

The Austrian Trade Commission in Los Angeles also oversees the following US States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, as well as Unincorporated US Territories, American Samoa, Guam.

Our team in Los Angeles

Servicecenter Team
Volker took his position as Austrian Trade Commissioner to the US in January 2021. He graduated with a Masters in Economics & Business Administration and holds a Bachelor’s in Tourism Management. In prior positions he served as advisor and link to the President’s office with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, in Vienna/AUSTRIA. He served as Austrian Trade Commissioner to Singapore and Denmark after other postings in New York, Hong Kong, South China and Iran. His expertise earned him the position of visiting professor at the Department for International Management at the Austrian business school FH Joanneum in Graz.
Tony, an electronics engineer, economist and lawyer by education, was previously posted to Tokyo as Deputy Trade Commissioner before coming to Los Angeles in September of 1993. He is in charge of high technology and organizes trade shows and delegations from Austria. Tony covers the following Austrian industries: renewable energy, new technology (telecommunications, opto-electronics, photonics, energy conversion, semiconductors, software). Tony is also qualified to practice law in California and loves to explain the subtle differences between Austrian and US law.
Laura, of Italian descent and fluent in German, Italian, French and English, is in charge of software and telecommunications technology. She also covers all products, technologies and events that target the film industry. Laura handles collections for Austrian companies and assists Austrian Companies with the W8 BEN-forms.
Sabine covers the following industries: Renewable Energies, Agriculture, Forestry, Test & Measurement Instruments, Security Industry. Sabine is our liaison for the Go Silicon Valley-Initiative.
Marcia covers Transport & Logistics (incl. Aerospace), Electric & Electronic Products, Sporting Goods. She also handles customs questions.