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Specialty papers, packaging, corrugated cardboard and packaging machinery are all areas of Austrian expertise. 85% of paper products are exported. The sector is a trailblazer in sustainability, boasting the world's largest manufacturer of painted recycled cartons and the first climate-neutral paper. Paper and Packaging from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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FActs and figures - Paper / Packaging

  • 87.4%

    export quota

  • 89%

    recycling quota

  • 28,400


  • 412,930

    tons of packaging glass

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  • Sunpor Kunststoff GmbH

    The producer of raw materials for thermal insulation systems and packaging SUNPOR Kunststoff GmbH operates one of the most modern production plants in Europe for manufacturing expandable polystyrene (EPS) . This plastic (commonly known as ...

  • Heltschl GmbH

    The innovative company Heltschl Medizintechnik (medical technology) develops, produces and distributes therapeutic soft laser devices. Portable, battery operated as well as line-operated laser systems in the visible wavelength range are ...

  • Gartner KG

    As an international company in 15 locations across seven European countries, Gartner is the partner of numerous international corporations and offers tailor-made transport and logistics solutions. Difficult logistical tasks are one of ...

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