Born Global Champions: Austria honours its trendsetters

Awards have gone to 30 recently founded Austrian firms that have pursued a strategy of internationalisation ever since their foundation.


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA has presented 2020’s “Born Global Champions” awards to 30 recently founded Austrian firms.

The prizes have gone to fledgling companies (founded in 2014 or later) that have maintained a global footprint from the outset, providing innovative products and services and achieving rapid international growth.

The award winners are courageous, think big and know that the whole world is their market – and this is the secret to their success. It also indicates a readiness to take on additional risk in order to achieve quicker growth, along with the application of the requisite resources and executive skills to be able to adapt speedily to the relevant markets.

All the prize winners have one thing in common, however; they act as game changers in their respective fields and raise the profile of Austria as a business location with their exceptional achievements as innovators.

Find out more about the Born Global Champions in the special edition of our magazine FRESH VIEW.

FRESH VIEW Special edition: Austria’s Born Global Champions VI (PDF, 2.9MB)