2022 Energy Globe Award Ceremony In Türkiye

In the framework of the 70th years of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Istanbul office, also the Austrian 'Energy Globe Award'ceremony was organized by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA!

With more than 180 participating countries, the Energy Globe Award is the most important environmental Award worldwide. Projects from all over the world are submitted, ranging from small and simple initiatives to large scale high-end ones.

This year's winner of the Energy Globe Award in Turkey, ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration), implemented 4 sustainable and outstanding projects.


The Austrian based 'Energy Globe Award' aims to promote environmental awareness and the use of best practice solutions and technologies worldwide. The awards were handed over in Türkiye to the winner ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration). This year there are 4 national winner projects in Turkey:

  1. National Energy Globe Award Turkey 2022 for the project "Water Loss Control Management Project"

The most important part of this is to present the water systems of the cities to their customers without loss. It has become almost impossible to find a new water source in Istanbul. For this reason, a water loss control project has been implemented in order to manage the existing system efficiently. With this project, its aim to extraction the digital twin of drinking water distribution system, ensure optimal pressure management, make the drinking water system measurable and remotely controllable.

2. National Energy Globe Award Turkey 2022 for the project "ISKOM (Istanbul Water Control and Automation Center)"

With the project, all information about SCADA, automation, PLC, sensor and camera data of all water resources at a distance of more than 400 km will be collected in a single center (İSKOM). Thus, a central coordination and control is provided with smart systems for the adventure of water from its source to its treated, from its pumping to distribution to the last subscriber, and to its collection, treated and discharge after it becomes waste. Within the framework of eco-friendly and human-oriented innovative values, the service quality reflected to the citizens has been increased.

3. National Energy Globe Award Turkey 2022 for the project "Use of Renewable Energy Resources Solar Power Plant (SPP) Project"

In order to use the dead space over the water tanks used by the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ), it is planned to install Solar Power Plant (SPP) on these areas. With the project that started in 2016, a total power of 4.2 MW SPPs was installed over 15 different water tanks at the first stage. The aims of the project are reducing energy needs of plants, import dependence by contributing to the reduction of Turkey’s energy deficit and operating costs of İSKİ by reducing the energy consumption costs. With the installation of the SPP with an installed capacity of 4.2 MW, İSKİ has saved 7 million Turkish Liras (TL) annually in its budget and prevented 2,450,347 kg of CO2-eq greenhouse gas emissions per year.

4. National Energy Globe Award Turkey 2022 for the project "Water Use Awareness Project"

The most important and permanent solution to water scarcity is the education of people. It has become imperative for students to be conscious consumers in their daily lives, to realize that water is a non-renewable resource, and to know the importance of water saving. For this purpose, the Water Use Awareness project has been prepared for primary, secondary and high school students studying in Istanbul about water awareness, water presentation, water pollution and water conservation. Water Use Awareness Seminars, educational trips, award-winning competitions on determined themes, and events titled at “Damlacık” Play in Schools are organised every year with the aim of raising a generation with high awareness, sensitive and rational use of water resources, which is of great importance for the protection of living life and natural balance.

A sustainable initiative for a sustainable future!

Committed people all around the world develop solutions for the most pressing environmental problems of our time like resource scarcity, air and water pollution, erosion, climate change or dependence on fossil fuels. Although these solutions are readily available, they often remain unheard of. Energy Globe gives them a voice and presents them to a large audience to make them visible and encourage others to come up with their own innovative solution.

The national winners of the Energy Globe Award are published in cooperation with UNIDO at The national winners have one thing in common: all of them have understood that the environment is not protected by words but by action! Each one of us can contribute!

National Award Ceremonies are organized by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA!

Every single action counts! Submit your sustainable project to the Energy Globe Award 2023! Submission is open. Details and the application form are available for download at

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